Happy New Year~ let “Quilting Season” begin!

‘Tis the season for locking yourself indoors for the weekend and sewing all day and night! Granted, many of you may be with friends at a retreat while you do this, but either way I’d say “Quilting Season” has officially begun. It is my favorite time of year for finishing up projects. For me that means it is finally time to sew down the binding on quilts that have been piling up throughout the year. I hate to admit there are a few quilts that have been sitting in my sewing closet waiting for this final step for a couple years now! I resolve to bind them immediately! Or, maybe before Easter. I mean I really don’t have a purpose for those quilts right now, except to decorate Jace’s studio. I will have to put off decorating Jack’s “big boy” bedroom (he won’t need it for another year or so anyways), and those quilts I wanted to make for my living room, and the curtains for my kitchen…. okay I’ll just bind the quilts so that I can have a clear conscience.  Happy Sewing!! ~ Katie

By the way, check out the pattern Star In A Star. We have kits available for the featured quilt on our website!


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