Pillowcases for Kids! -One Million Pillowcase Challenge

When I was asked to be a part of the One Million Pillowcase Challenge Blog Hop this month the first thing that came to mind was including my son, Jack, in the process. This challenge is a great way to teach the importance of doing something nice for someone else and receiving a greater reward for yourself in knowing that you’ve made someone smile.  When I explained to Jack that we would be making a pillowcase to give to kids who are sick he was all for it.  He also requested a pillowcase for himself – so we headed off to Nana’s store, Bay Window Quilt Shop, to pick out our fabrics.

Jack loves everything having to do with Halloween and things spooky. So I knew we were headed for the Halloween department for his pillowcase.

He got a little distracted by the Halloween light-ups!

And then he and Maggy found a dark spot to try them out-

Once we had settled on making him a pillowcase with “vampires, ghosts, Frankenstein, and mummies” we were ready to pick out a monster themed pillowcase to donate to ConKerr Cancer and more specifically the Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo, ND. Read about how you can help below!

I knew right away that I would be using the Roll It Up pillowcase pattern from allpeoplequilt.com This pattern is the best for making quick and easy pillowcases with no raw edges in your seams!! I love it- it really makes washing all of the pillowcases for my kids more enjoyable.

And, lickety-split I had two pillowcase completed in about a half an hour! Jack couldn’t wait to snuggle up with his-

And now we’ll take the monster pillowcase back to Nana’s shop to send off to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Fargo, ND.  But, I hope I’ve inspired you to make a few to send with ours! We’ll be collecting pillowcases at our shop indefinitely to send to Fargo and the kids undergoing life changing illnesses at Sanford Children’s Hospital. You can send me your pillowcases or drop them off the next time you are in Perham, MN. Or, you can find a local hospital in your state that is affiliated with ConKerr Cancer! Just head on over to their website to read all about the wonderful things they are doing to improve each kid’s hospital stay and to find a drop off site near you. http://www.conkerrcancer.org

To send your pillowcases to me please send them to: Bay Window Quilt Shop 116 2nd Ave SW Perham, MN 56573


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