And then there were 3~

Decorating a nursery has always been one of my favorite things to do.  Mainly because there are no rules- you can use whatever inspires you for your new little one.  In the case of my new daughter, Lola, I was inspired by a piece of Kokka fabric that we had in our shop.  I knew even before I was pregnant that I wanted to use it in my next nursery- so when we built our house I made sure to paint the walls of our “nursery” a beige/taupe color that matched.

The obvious choice for the fabric was bumper pads and a valance.  But, when I found out I was having a girl I wanted to figure out a way to make the fabric a bit more girlie!


I decided to make a tissue pom pom/lantern cluster above her crib so that I could combine the turquoise, ivory, red, and pink shades that I wanted to incorporate throughout the room.

nurseryThe tiny polka dot fabric that I found for the piping on the bumper pads became my signature print that I used throughout the nursery to tie all of the colors together. I used it as a pillow on the glider, dust ruffle, and trim on my valance.

Then, to really pull the room together I designed a new quilt pattern called “Banner Day” that I used to highlight Lola’s name and birth day.  With this quilt I was able to use my color palette in the pennant banner and also the quilt that is hanging on the crib.  It is the perfect size for rolling around on the floor.  bannerlola-on-quiltI was also excited to hang up a quilt I had made a couple years ago in my Izzy’s Quilt pattern that features another Kokka fabric.  It fit perfectly in one side of her closet above a refinished dresser.

lola's-izzysAnd the last thing that I completed was a cute felt ball mobile that I placed above her changing table.  I simply thread Handbehg Felt’s premade balls onto perle cotton and then strung them on a wood hoop.  She loves looking at it when it’s changing time.  All I have to do is give it a little push and she watches the balls move about.  The framed embroidery was made by a friend and matches the quilt perfectly!

mobileAnd that’s it, for now.  I guess I never really feel done decorating a room in my house.  It always evolves as my family grows.


3 thoughts on “And then there were 3~

    • Thanks Linda! She definitely looks like my side of the family- my mom thinks she looks exactly like my grandpa did!

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