Sew Easy- Hooded Towel Tutorial!

Have you ever had a fabric or project haunt you for weeks? For me, it was the idea that I needed to make something out of the adorable new The Adventurers collection by Blend Fabrics for my son combined with the realization that my kids desperately needed new hooded towels.  Jack, age 7, and Izzy, 5, had both tried in vain to use the baby sized hooded towels we got as gifts for their little sister Lola. I knew I needed to make them something bigger and I didn’t want them to grow out of it quickly.  I decided to let Izzy pick out her own fabrics, which of course meant she chose the Frozen panel for her main fabric. I decided to roll with it and feature as much of the panel on her towel as I could- who can argue with a 5 year old and her love of Frozen?

hooded towel pic longFor Jack’s we used a 1/3 yard panel with a little extra fabric on the edges to make it as long as the towel.  I used a large bath towel and large hand towel for the hood.  This project was so quick and easy I will definitely make them more.  Izzy has already requested one out of the cute mermaid fabric at the shop and another out of the ballet dancer fabric, hmm I wonder if she likes fabric?

I’ve put all the instructions in an easy to print pdf that you can click on below.

hooded towel photo

hooded towel tutorial

Happy sewing! -Katie


3 thoughts on “Sew Easy- Hooded Towel Tutorial!

    • Your mind must never shut off – you come up with the neatest ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us. I’m thinking this would be great made with gigantic towels for my big ‘kids’.
      ~ Kathy T

      • Pretty much! This is definitely doable in any size- if you can find big enough towels you can make big enough hooded towels!! I actually tried the hand towels on Izzy’s head while we were shopping to make sure they were big enough.

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