Week Two- Moda Sampler Shuffle

Hello week two! How’s your sewing going? Did you get started yet on on the blocks for week one? I had a couple people ask me about fabric requirements.  I don’t have a great answer for this yet, but I do have a couple suggestions.  Moda recommended purchasing a layer cake and jelly roll to get a lot of variety in your prints.  Then you’ll need to add to this for setting squares and the border strips.  I’ve found in piecing the first 6 blocks that I am using a very small amount of fabric in these blocks.  I also want to wait until my blocks are all done before I decide what I am going to use for the setting squares.  The quilt is set with alternate blocks next to the pieced blocks.  I think I might use one fabric or many fabrics… that will have to wait until I can lay them all out and see what looks best. So, I’m just using 1/4 yard cuts from fabrics I like in the line For You & Modern Backgrounds by Zen Chic. I think part of the fun of this sew-along is that I don’t know what my quilt will look like until it’s all done.  I hope you can handle the mystery of it all, but if you really can’t search for the hashtag #modasamplershuffle and see if you can find any posts that include a picture of the finished quilt.

Here is a link to the final setting instructions in case you want to get an idea of how the quilt will be laid out in the end.


modasamplershuffleHere are the three blocks that you get to make this week!

At first glance they all looked quite easy.  I thought maybe I was in for a quick sewing week and I was, but don’t let those simple shapes fool you.  There are a lot of ways to check your accurate piecing in these three blocks.

Block 4 was designed by V and Co and was pretty fun to make.  I enjoyed the simple design because it allowed me to see if my 1/4″ seam was correct.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 4

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 4

This block will turn out better if you pay attention to which direction you press your seams.  Because of the layout of the pieces, if you press towards the dark fabric each time your seams will always alternate when it comes time to sew together your block.

Click on the link below for the Block 4 Instructions


Block 5 is one of my favorite blocks of all time! This one was designed by Kathy Schmitz Studios and is a great way to showcase a fun background print.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 5

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 5

I must admit that those Easy Corner Triangles are one thing I have a hard time keeping accurate.  Especially when it comes to leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance around the outside of my block for when I sew the blocks together into my quilt.  I did okay on this block, but do have a suggestion if you also run into this problem.  In the pattern they have you sew two squares 2 1/2″ together using the Easy Corner Triangle method for the 4 corners.  You could sew together bigger squares to start with and then trim them down to a finished size of 2 1/2″.  This will help if your corners tend to want to pull when you press your triangles or if you have a hard time keeping it square when you sew.

Click on the link below for the Block 5 pattern


And finally Block 6- deceptively tricky thanks to the flying geese units for the star points. Here again, I always run into the problem of not having perfectly accurate points on my flying geese units.  I know many people also have this problem and that is why they prefer to make flying geese with one of the many rulers that are available on the market.  I’ve never been one to use specialty rulers so I don’t have a suggestion for which one you should use, but I’ve heard from many people who each have different ones they like.  Some examples include: Quilt In A Day Flying Geese Rulers, Flying Geese x 4 by Lazy Girl, and Flying Geese Ruler by Marti Michelle.  I may look into these, considering we need to make so many Flying Geese for the Inner Border on our quilt and get back to you!

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 6

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 6

What I do love about this block designed by American Jane is the fun play of color thanks to the 4 patch center on the star.  I made sure to toss the direction of my pink fabric since I knew I didn’t want to try and have them all going the same direction.  Remember not to pull while pressing your block and you’ll have better luck with your triangles being the size you want.

Click on the link below for the Block 6 pattern


Don’t forget to sew some of your Flying Geese units each week so that you’re ready to put together your quilt when we get to the end.  We’re going to need 44 of them!! Until next time, happy sewing~ Katie


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