Summer Vacation Survival….

When the weather heats up, it’s time to head to the sewing room for some great kid’s crafts! Around here summer vacation means mornings with dad and afternoons with mom. Now that we’re halfway through their break from school, the kids are starting to get a bit antsy.  Crafting to the rescue!

We’ve gotten some great crafting kits, tools, and patterns into the shop lately so I didn’t have to look far to find what I needed.  Izzy and I decided to give the new Clover pom-pom makers a try.


They were really fun to use.  We purchased some basic yarn and started wrapping.  There are 6 different sizes of pom-pom makers, but Izzy preferred the biggest one.  I think it was the easiest for her to wrap the yarn around.  We also discovered that we needed to wrap the yarn around quite thick to get the desired effect with our pom-poms.  The first few we made were a little skimpy.

After the pom-poms were made I sewed the pink/white ones to the corners of a baby quilt, and we sewed the lime green ones to the corners of a pillow.  Super cute!

Rainy day? No problem- we had wool applique kits from the shop to make!  One of the items that we found at Quilt Market this past spring was prepackaged applique kits for kids that feature different animal faces.  Each kit has everything you need to put one together.  Kids just follow some basic directions- some simple cutting and then they glue it all on with a glue-stick (also included).  I didn’t know how they would do with this one.  I was hoping they wouldn’t need much help from me because I had my own sewing that I wanted to get done.  They both needed a little bit of help the first time around, and they both made it just like the picture shown.

When it was time to open up the second package my kids’ creativity kicked into gear.  Jack declared that their picture of an alien didn’t look anything like an alien so could he make it his own way… Izzy wanted to know if she could change the colors of her fishes scales…  I said you bet and walked away to let them figure it out on their own.

I am so glad I did! Jack’s creation was so unique and way different than the picture. I love it when a kid’s imagination comes through to create something totally their own.

IMG_5206We had thought about sewing these onto a pillow, but in the end they both wanted to leave them as is and just pin them to their bedroom wall.

Our last crafting adventure was actually an experiment in patience. I fell in love with a doll pattern at Quilt Market called “Peaches”. I showed the pattern to my girls at the shop and Lola took it home with her.  She loved looking at the dolls on the pattern so much that I knew I had to make them each one.

Izzy wanted me to make it immediately. Her reasoning was- you’ve got fabric here so start sewing!  I explained that maybe we wanted her face to be a normal face color so she instead raided my stash for all of the other fabrics.  Green striped legs, different colored arms, a bright dress, and polka dot pocket! I love the way kids think.

The dolls were really easy to sew.  Izzy was like a drill sergeant, she kept coming back to my sewing room and asking if I was done yet. Then she’d tell me to go back to sewing and she’d go play with Lola!

IMG_5333I also had fun using a new product that we carry- crocheted edge bias tape.  I used it on the edges of the sleeves and the pocket.  So much fun to sew with and it gives the finished project just a little extra sweetness.

With one month of summer vacation left who knows what we’ll create.  Izzy’s pushing for more dolls or other softies. Jack’s more interested in finding something dirty to do.  We’ll see what happens!

Cute Kid Outtakes:


Jack, “I am so bored right now”


Lola, “I love this doll so much I can’t stop squeezing it”


Izzy & Lola, “Brothers can be so annoying when you’re just trying to look cute”


8 thoughts on “Summer Vacation Survival….

  1. Katie ,they are all so cute! I’ll be in one day. I’ll be in one day. This week a two Year old has been entertaining me. Audrey

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  2. What fun! Loved the story of your children being involved. Every mother or grandmother understands the days of summer with little ones. Next time I’m in the shop I will pick up some projects. Thank you for sharing.

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