Simply Spooky- Free Halloween Wool Applique Pattern!

Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween? We sure are! We LOVE Halloween at this house. The decorations go up early- sometimes as early as August and the debate about what each kid is going to dress up as continues until it is almost too late. This year I wanted to create something new for the house and was inspired by Moda’s toweling fabric.  I love the linen texture of this product and thought it would be the perfect backdrop for some simple wool applique.

I had a lot of fun creating the Boo, Bats, and White Pumpkin pillows.

I also decided to make a table runner with the toweling too.  It’s so easy, it’s even hemmed on two sides when you purchase it.

Here’s a look at the Witch Hat Runner that also features some spider buttons.

Each of these projects was quite quick and easy.  I like to keep it simple and it was also a great way to use up some smaller pieces of wool.  Click on the link below to download the pattern with appliques.

Halloween Appliques

Need a little more decorating inspiration? I’ve been collecting unique Halloween decor for years. And I love pulling out each piece and of course adding new things each year!

These giant glittering BOO letters are fun to position allover the house.  Each year they seem to find a different place. They kind of make me wish I had all sorts of giant glittering letters to spell out whatever I wanted.

These vintage inspired cardboard witch hats are one of my favorite decorations.  They’re life-sized which makes them seem like maybe they belonged to someone. And glittering vintage treat buckets- so cute!

So I have to admit that I have a real love of skeleton decor.  I can’t explain why, I just know I love it.  One of the favorites in my collection are these glass skull ornaments that are decorated for “Day of the Dead”.

And if you know my son Jack, you also know that he loves Halloween – A LOT. This year he’s gotten into more of the grown up decor.  He’s added more skeletons to our mix, including this bird skeleton.

Remember the full size skeleton in the first picture? That’s just Mr. Bones, the newest member of our family.  This year we’re going to have some fun with Mr. Bones and take pictures of him throughout the month of October.  We’ll be celebrating the Halloween season with our version of “Elf on the Shelf” but instead it will be “Skeleton on the Shelf”. If you want to follow along be sure to follow my Instagram account @katiehennagir or my Facebook page @KatieHennagir

Happy Halloween! -Katie




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