Week Ten plus Party Animal Birthday!

It’s the final week for new blocks in our Moda Sampler Shuffle! What a fantastic adventure we’ve had creating new blocks every week.  I’m excited to move on to the next phase of this project and I hope you are too.  Here’s Week Ten!

week ten picWeek Ten was a crazy week at the Hennagir household, it was a good thing these blocks were quick and easy.  Block 28 was really fun.  I loved how they designed the layout of the tiny triangles making this block feel like it was spinning around.

Block 28

Block 28

The only note I have for this block is that there is a small error in your Cutting Requirements for the Background.  You will actually need 4- 2″ squares (instead of the 2 they listed).

Click on the link below to download the instructions for Block 28


Block 29 was equally delightful.  Simple construction and a fun design. Plus you know I like it when I can use more than one fabric in my prints!

Block 29

Block 29

I enjoyed making each of the half square triangle blocks instead of flying geese which is what it looks like at first glance.  Just be sure to pay attention to which way all of your triangles are going when you sew everything together.  Click on the link below for the Block 29 instructions.


And finally Block 30! This adorable appliqued flower was a great finish to my block construction.  I decided to use wool again but changed it up a little bit from the pattern.  Instead of making an applique center on my flower I opted for a vintage button.  I also omitted a leaf on the stem- two was just enough for me!

Block 30

Block 30

Click on the link below for Block 30.


And that’s it! After weeks of following along you now have all of the instructions for putting together our Sampler.  This doesn’t mean I’m done posting about this fun quilt.  I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my quilt as I continue sewing together my setting squares, inner border, and outer border.  Speaking of which, do you still have your copies of those instructions?  If you’ve misplaced them along the way here they are again.



Now back to that crazy week I had.  Last week we celebrated Lola’s 2nd birthday and as I overheard my son say, “we take parties seriously at this house.”  He’s right- I do love to throw a party! I will also admit that my party planning got in the way of me getting the blocks posted earlier than today too.  It was mainly because I decided on Wednesday that I needed a quilt for a tablecloth for Sunday.  Lola’s party was a “party animal” theme thanks to these adorable invites that I found on Shutterfly.com

IMG_4437I had also viewed a lot of adorable party animal ideas on Pinterest including adding party hats to plastic animals for a centerpiece.  They were so easy to make- just a little paper, hot glue, and a pompom and you’re done.

I knew we had the perfect fabric at the shop to match this idea and it kept haunting me to make something out of it.  I could have just cut a piece off of the bolt, but then it wouldn’t have been long enough for my table.  So, overachiever that I am, I decided to make up a quilt pattern and sew up a new quilt!

FullSizeRender(6)And what would a party animals party be without animals?  I couldn’t resist these inflatable animals that I found on Amazon.com.  I mean seriously a 60″ giraffe?  We opened it up and inflated it a couple days before the party to make sure it would work and Lola was thrilled! She kept walking by it saying “hi giraffe, love you”.  Tape on a party hat and he was ready to party along with his zebra and monkey friends.

IMG_4433This girl is all about donuts.  No cake or cupcakes could compete for her attention which is fine by me.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

So now that the presents have been opened and the donuts eaten, Lola is happy to share her new quilt with the shop for you all to see.

FullSizeRender(3)My kids know the drill, mom makes quilts for them but shares them with the ladies at work first.  And since I already did all of the math, here are the instructions for making the quilt as well.  Enjoy!

party animal quilt


And we have a winner!!

That’s right, the winner of the block with the most pieces in the Moda Sampler Shuffle is……

week eight picBlock 24!  Okay so it’s not that bad, read on to find out more!

You can probably guess that the blocks this week are actually pretty doable considering I just posted last week’s on Friday and hadn’t started sewing until yesterday.  I was able to get all three blocks done in only 1 1/2 days of Lola’s naps, pretty good.  I’m even posting this now while she’s still sleeping so maybe I’ll get the week wrapped up in a total of 2 naps!

Block 22 was delightful.  I’m really having fun with color placement and using up my little pile of scraps from the previous blocks.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 22

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 22

That’s why you’ll notice a combination of different background fabrics and two green squares in the center.  I didn’t quite have enough in my scrap pile to make them all blue, so why not add some green? I love how it turned out.

Click on the link below to download Block 22 designed by Basicgrey.


When it came to Block 23 I decided to do something I’ve been thinking about doing for a couple weeks.  I had been looking for the right opportunity to use a piece of the selvage from one of my fabrics in one of the blocks. When I took a look at Block 23, I decided the center square would be perfect.

Block 23 Moda Sampler Shuffle

Block 23 Moda Sampler Shuffle

Now I know, not everyone has their name on fabric but honestly it’s probably one of the coolest parts about being a fabric designer. My son thinks it is so awesome that my name is on my fabrics.  So this is kind of a way to include a little piece of him in this quilt.  You could do something similar with a favorite piece of clothing or other fabric that means something to you and your family.  Maybe baby clothes? A kid’s blanket? Grandma’s old quilt squares?  There are so many ways to personalize a project and absolutely no rules for how to do it!

There are also a nice variety of layouts for this block.  I ended up using the one on the bottom right corner for my version that you see above.  Click on the link below for the pattern designed by Betsy Chutchian.


And finally, the winning block- Block 24 with its 45 pieces!!!! When I looked at the cutting instructions and saw to cut 24 background squares I couldn’t believe it. I mean this block is only 6 1/2″ square- amazing that you can even fit 45 pieces in it.  I’ve designed some quilt patterns that have about 45 pieces in the entire baby sized quilt!

Block 24

Block 24

I’m not one to judge a book by its cover though, so I dug in and discovered I quite liked making this block.  First off, I’ve learned from my previous mistakes and was sure to sew my half square triangle rectangles the right way.  Four one direction and four the other direction.  After that the steps are really quite easy, and it turned out so perfect.  I was happy with the end result and would seriously consider making another if need be.  So don’t be dismayed, just sew!

Click on the link below to download Block 24 designed by Laundry Basket Quilts


And that’s it until next week.  Happy Holidays to all of you who are following along.  It has been a joy to share these weeks with you.  We only have about 2 left! So here’s wishes you a lovely holiday and I’ll be back sometime next week with three new blocks.  This little munchkin is still sleeping so maybe I’ll even go back to sewing some of my flying geese units so I’m really ready to finish this quilt after the holidays!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! – Katie (& Lola)

Are you ready for applique? Moda Sampler Shuffle continues…

Variety is the spice of life and this week you’ll get some with an applique block! I was excited to see this when I took a look at this week’s blocks.  It was fun to get out the needle and thread and do a little hand stitching.

week six picSo here goes, week six is underway!

Remember last week when I told you I had made up a bunch of flying geese units for my inner border and I ended up with a lot of orange ones?  Well, when I took a look at Block 16 I was delighted to see that it was made up of the same flying geese.  I took a bunch of the ones I already had sewn together and used them to create my Block 16.

Block 16 Moda Sampler Shuffle

Block 16 Moda Sampler Shuffle

You’ll notice that’s why I have a variety of fabrics for my backgrounds and the geese.  I had been using up scraps to make my flying geese units.  I actually love the way the scrappy arrangement looks- I’m totally going to pretend I planned it that way!

Click on the link below to download the pattern for Block 16


Block 17 is the delightful appliqued bird design.  At first I wasn’t sure if I would use regular cotton or wool for my appliques.  In the end I decided to use wool for a couple reasons.  I love the texture wool gives a project and the intensity of the colors that I had on hand were perfect in matching the colors of my blocks.  I also like that I can add the applique to my project without any fusible or glue behind it when I use wool.

IMG_4172My favorite way to applique wool to a project is to use a coordinating thread or perle cotton and a primitive whip stitch.  This is basically just an easy stitch that you do around each applique to hold it in place.  After I had my bird done I decided to add a branch in it’s mouth and a letter H charm that I’ve had for a long time in honor of my family’s last name.  I always enjoy finding ways to make a project more personal and this was an easy way to make the block meaningful to me.

Click on the link below for the Block 17 pattern


And the last block of the week is 18.  This block has a lot going for it.  When you look at the pattern be sure to check out the alternate arrangement that they show at the bottom.  I think it’s pretty cool, but was already committed to making it like the original design.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 18

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 18

This block went together quickly, especially when I remembered to trim my half square triangle blocks down after I had pieced them! Live and learn! Click on the link below for the Block 18 pattern.


I hope you enjoy making this week’s blocks.  I’d love to see what you come up with, especially the applique block.  Be sure to share your images on Instagram and include me @katiehennagir

Also, don’t forget to print out your patterns along the way.  We are able to keep all of the patterns posted during the sew along but will have to take them down once the sew along is over.  Happy sewing! -Katie

Week Two- Moda Sampler Shuffle

Hello week two! How’s your sewing going? Did you get started yet on on the blocks for week one? I had a couple people ask me about fabric requirements.  I don’t have a great answer for this yet, but I do have a couple suggestions.  Moda recommended purchasing a layer cake and jelly roll to get a lot of variety in your prints.  Then you’ll need to add to this for setting squares and the border strips.  I’ve found in piecing the first 6 blocks that I am using a very small amount of fabric in these blocks.  I also want to wait until my blocks are all done before I decide what I am going to use for the setting squares.  The quilt is set with alternate blocks next to the pieced blocks.  I think I might use one fabric or many fabrics… that will have to wait until I can lay them all out and see what looks best. So, I’m just using 1/4 yard cuts from fabrics I like in the line For You & Modern Backgrounds by Zen Chic. I think part of the fun of this sew-along is that I don’t know what my quilt will look like until it’s all done.  I hope you can handle the mystery of it all, but if you really can’t search for the hashtag #modasamplershuffle and see if you can find any posts that include a picture of the finished quilt.

Here is a link to the final setting instructions in case you want to get an idea of how the quilt will be laid out in the end.


modasamplershuffleHere are the three blocks that you get to make this week!

At first glance they all looked quite easy.  I thought maybe I was in for a quick sewing week and I was, but don’t let those simple shapes fool you.  There are a lot of ways to check your accurate piecing in these three blocks.

Block 4 was designed by V and Co and was pretty fun to make.  I enjoyed the simple design because it allowed me to see if my 1/4″ seam was correct.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 4

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 4

This block will turn out better if you pay attention to which direction you press your seams.  Because of the layout of the pieces, if you press towards the dark fabric each time your seams will always alternate when it comes time to sew together your block.

Click on the link below for the Block 4 Instructions


Block 5 is one of my favorite blocks of all time! This one was designed by Kathy Schmitz Studios and is a great way to showcase a fun background print.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 5

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 5

I must admit that those Easy Corner Triangles are one thing I have a hard time keeping accurate.  Especially when it comes to leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance around the outside of my block for when I sew the blocks together into my quilt.  I did okay on this block, but do have a suggestion if you also run into this problem.  In the pattern they have you sew two squares 2 1/2″ together using the Easy Corner Triangle method for the 4 corners.  You could sew together bigger squares to start with and then trim them down to a finished size of 2 1/2″.  This will help if your corners tend to want to pull when you press your triangles or if you have a hard time keeping it square when you sew.

Click on the link below for the Block 5 pattern


And finally Block 6- deceptively tricky thanks to the flying geese units for the star points. Here again, I always run into the problem of not having perfectly accurate points on my flying geese units.  I know many people also have this problem and that is why they prefer to make flying geese with one of the many rulers that are available on the market.  I’ve never been one to use specialty rulers so I don’t have a suggestion for which one you should use, but I’ve heard from many people who each have different ones they like.  Some examples include: Quilt In A Day Flying Geese Rulers, Flying Geese x 4 by Lazy Girl, and Flying Geese Ruler by Marti Michelle.  I may look into these, considering we need to make so many Flying Geese for the Inner Border on our quilt and get back to you!

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 6

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 6

What I do love about this block designed by American Jane is the fun play of color thanks to the 4 patch center on the star.  I made sure to toss the direction of my pink fabric since I knew I didn’t want to try and have them all going the same direction.  Remember not to pull while pressing your block and you’ll have better luck with your triangles being the size you want.

Click on the link below for the Block 6 pattern


Don’t forget to sew some of your Flying Geese units each week so that you’re ready to put together your quilt when we get to the end.  We’re going to need 44 of them!! Until next time, happy sewing~ Katie

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Sew-Along begins today!

Thank you so much for joining me on my first ever “sew-along”. I’ve been wanting to try something like this for awhile now but never found the time to develop patterns that could be posted for you all to use.  I was delighted when Moda Fabrics announced their Sampler Block Shuffle because they had done the work for me of designing 30 six inch block patterns that I get to share with all of you!  Here are the basics: I will post a new set of 2-3 block patterns every Friday from now until January 8th, 2016. Be sure to stop back each week to download and print the patterns.  I would love to see your blocks that you create so I hope you will use the #modasamplershuffle when you upload your images on Facebook or Instagram.  You can find me on both of those just look for Bay Window Quilt Shop on Facebook or @katiehennagir on Instagram.

Let’s get started!

week one picLet me begin by saying I’m not usually too concerned with accurate piecing while I sew.  I’m not saying I don’t pay attention at all it’s just that I don’t worry if things turn out perfectly.  I’ve figured out my own tricks for making my blocks as perfect as possible. Things like where I need to mark my 1/4″ seam on my machine because my 1/4″ foot isn’t really exactly 1/4″. And, I’m aware of the thread that I sew with being either 50 weight or 60 weight so that it blends into my seam nicely and doesn’t add any bulk to it.  I also know that I need to pay attention when I press, making sure I don’t pull on my seams.  These tiny tips can make a big difference when it comes to whether or not your 6 1/2″ block is 6 3/8″ or even 6 5/8″.  I’m not going to try and solve every sewers problem through my computer, but I do hope you can pick up a few tips along the way that will help you with your accuracy while sewing.

Here is my ultimate accuracy kit:


The Perkins Perfect Piecing Seam Guide is a small ruler that has a hole in it for your needle and a 1/4″ seam allowance marked on the ruler.  Simply place it in your machine and mark where your scant 1/4″ seam is.  Aurifil thread is my favorite thread to piece with.  It is a perfect 50 weight thread that will disappear in your seam leaving you with a more accurately pieced block.  I use a neutral color in all of my piecing (although I even used red to piece my first blocks at home because I was out of a neutral and I didn’t want to use any other brand of thread in my piecing). Clover’s Patchwork Pins are so fine you won’t even know they are in your fabric.  You can sew right over them with no fear of hitting them with your needle.  I don’t pin much, but when I do these are my absolute favorite.  I’ve put together this little kit on our website too, so we can send one to you if you like! www.baywindowquiltshop.com

Block One

IMG_3901The first block in our shuffle was designed by Pat Sloan.  It features half square triangles and only two colors in her block.  The fabrics I’m using throughout my blocks are by Zen Chic for Moda- For You and Modern Backgrounds. The patterns will show you the blocks in gray-scale so that you can pick whatever fabrics you like.  They also give you a couple of options for color value placement.

With this block accurate pressing is important.  Have you ever noticed your triangles start to “rainbow” if you pull too much when pressing them?  It can happen really easily and it will throw off your block completely.  Be careful to only press down on the seam, don’t pull your iron across the fabric as that adds to the stretch.

In this pattern they have you trim your pieced blocks down to 2″. I am usually a bit too lazy to trim down my blocks.  I always figure I can eyeball it and get it pretty close.  With this block I decided to do what I was told and I trimmed a miniscule amount from each side to make it 2″.  I will admit this really helped when it was time to sew the 2″ blocks together into my finished block!  I think whenever you are sewing something small, every little bit makes a difference. It is easier to hide the flaws in larger quilts!

Click on the link below for the Block One Instructions!


Block Two

IMG_3902I loved making Block Two which was designed by Me & My Sister Designs.  Okay- maybe because it was a bit easier than the rest but I think it was also because you get to see more of the cool fabric I’m using.  My only tip for this block is to pay attention to which direction you press your seams so that you can alternate the direction when you sew the sections together.  Do this by bringing your block pieces over to your ironing board and figure out which way they need to go.

Click on the link below for the Block Two Instructions


Block Three

IMG_3903Can I just say when I first looked at Block Three I cringed a bit? Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I am doing this to learn how to piece better and also to try new things. It’s also a bit easier to swallow when you only have to make 1 block! So, here’s what happened when I sewed up Block Three designed by Sandy Gervais. The pattern shows you how to make something they call “Easy Corner Triangles”.  I’m usually a just look at the picture and don’t read the directions type of gal, but for the sake of doing what I’m told I decided to read (or kind of read) their directions.

Here is a link to their directions for making Easy Corner Triangles


You should download it and read it. BUT DON’T MAKE YOUR BLOCK THREE LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE IN THE EXAMPLE! I figured the instructions on the Easy Corner Triangles were showing me how I needed to make my Block Three unit.  WRONG! When I tried to sew my block together the pink diagonal piece was going the wrong way.  SOOOO, you should instead follow the diagram on the Block Three Instructions because that is showing you the correct direction for sewing your triangles onto the rectangle.  The Easy Corner Triangles instructions are just giving you an example in general. Aside from that it was actually pretty fun to construct and it really has a lot of different ways you can play with fabric placement for different looking blocks.

Click on the link below for the Block Three Instructions


Finally, I’m also going to include the instructions for making your Inner Border on the quilt.  It is made entirely of flying geese units, so you may as well sew a few as you go each week.  I found that I could use some of the scraps from cutting out my first three blocks for this.  I think I am going to use a variety of background colors and also not have them match.  You could do this, or use all one fabric if you prefer.

IMG_3904Click on the link below for the Instructions


So that’s it for this week.  Remember to stop back next week Friday for more blocks!  Happy sewing~ Katie