We’re halfway there! Moda Sampler Shuffle 13, 14, 15!

This week marks the middle of our journey on the Moda Sampler Shuffle with blocks 13, 14, & 15.  I am excited to say this was my favorite week thus far! I loved making each of these blocks and I think you will too.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Week 5

Moda Sampler Shuffle Week 5

First off, I was excited by the new block designs and their versatility. Second, I was anxious to use some new prints from Zen Chic’s fabrics and these blocks were the perfect place for them.  And third, they were just fun to make!

Remember last week when I told you I was making each block just like they showed in the first picture on the pattern? Well, I changed my mind with Block 13.  I took one look at the pattern and decided I liked their second Color Option at the bottom of the pattern better.  I also thought it would highlight the cool orange fabric that I wanted to use better by using the orange as my “background” and the light as my “print”.

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 13

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 13

When I was done making this block I was surprised by how much the light fabric still showed up.  I thought for sure it was going to read as more of a darker block than it did. Either way I’m pretty happy with the results.

Click on the link below for the Block 13 instructions designed by Bunny Hill Designs.


Block 14 was equally interesting, especially when it came to picking out my fabrics.  The larger 2 1/2″ blocks allowed me to use a bigger print again, which I like.

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Block 14

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle Block 14

I also love how Fig Tree & Co designed this block.  The small squares set on point are a nice touch and really create a unique finished block.  A pressing tip for this block is to press towards your print (2 1/2″ squares) when sewing the block together.

Click on the link below for the pattern.


And finally, my favorite block of the week: Block 15!

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 15

Moda Sampler Shuffle Block 15

I love a log cabin block- and this variation made my day.  It’s quite simple to piece, but I always end up loving the way they turn out.  This block also allowed me to use up a bunch of scraps that I had laying in a pile from the other blocks.  I decided to use a variety of prints and vowed not to cut a new strip for any of it. They show you 3 different options for color placement on the pattern. Mine is like the one on the bottom right hand side, if you’d like a reference.  I could have kept making more of these blocks until every scrap was used up! So much fun!!

Click on the link below for the Block 15 pattern designed by Janet Clare Designs.


So how are your blocks coming?  Have you started sewing?  I know many of you are following along and waiting for the perfect time to dig in and get started.  Maybe you need some fabric inspiration?  I’ve loved seeing what people are picking out- the new Mon Ami by Moda, Little House on the Prairie prints,  Christmas, Civil War, scrappy.  They are all going to turn out great!

Just so you know, it’s definitely not to late to start.  Each block only takes a little time to sew up and once you get started it is kind of hard to stop.  In fact I took a peek at next week’s blocks and I kind of want to get started right away!

If you have been sewing along- great! Last week I decided to make a bunch more flying geese units from the scraps I had left after sewing up some blocks.  Basically any time I have a 2″ strip left over I cut squares or rectangles for the flying geese.  I’m running into having quite a few orange ones- I guess that will work out somehow in the end.

IMG_4152As the holidays draw near I hope you can find some time to sew a bit.  I know it can be hard to squeeze it in but I’m always rewarded with a sense of accomplishment when I get a block done.  Until next time, happy sewing! – Katie