Deck the halls with lots of quilts!

Decorating for the holidays has always been one of my favorite things to do.  I love combining vintage with new to create a space I love to be around.  And don’t forget the quilts! Quilts can tell a story all their own, especially in decorating. Our home has two distinct areas that I like to create: a kid’s zone & my zone!

In the kid’s zone you will find lots of Santas, bright colors, and novelties. These are the things that make me smile, and they are unapologetically Christmas!


Nothing says Christmas like a big Santa panel quilt hanging by the tree.  It’s just waiting for the gifts to be placed under the tree “special delivery from Santa’s workshop”.  This is also what I like to call our “Hallmark” tree. It is filled with all of the ornaments my kids have collected over the years, as well as some Jace and I received when we were little. They are bright, cheerful, themed, and this tree has an anything goes philosophy.  Including the fact that Jack decided to hang all of his Batman ornaments in them same spot.  The kids got to decorate this tree as much as they wanted to, although Izzy was the last one standing. Jack got bored after about 10 minutes.

This is also where we hang each kid’s Advent calendar.


This year we added Lola’s very own Advent calendar to the mix.  I love the tradition of counting down the days until Christmas morning. Each day the kid’s find a little treat in the pocket of their calendar.  Izzy actually has a small stocking for each day, which was a panel we have at the shop.  Advent calendars are also one of my favorite gifts to give families with kids.  It’s something they can use over and over again for year’s to come!

Even though Santa may rule the basement, I do try to incorporate other messages with my decor.  This quilt was a pattern I designed a couple years ago where you could create your own saying on the banners.  “Peace on Earth” has always been one of my favorite sayings during the holiday season and this was a fun way to bring that message into my home.

It also just happened to fit above a vintage metal shelf that houses some of my globe collection- I’d say that’s a perfect design pairing.


Speaking of collections, I have a huge obsession with Putz and Shiny Bright houses.  They are delightfully whimsical and truly bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them. Last year I found these small Putz inspired houses and was thrilled to add them to my collection.


I enjoy incorporating items I already have in my home in my displays. The perfect perch for some tiny houses was of course some vintage books.

And the top of the piano is a great place to display some of my favorites.


I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing these vintage homes throughout my house. That goes the same for vintage ornaments.  Do you have a treasured decoration that means something a bit extra to you? For me it is this ceramic set of NOEL angels.


Growing up my Grandma Katy always placed a set of these angels on top of her TV in the living room.  There was always a standing joke that my uncle John would rearrange the letters to spell other words, “Leon” being a favorite.  When she passed away the set was given to my uncle John.  Whenever I went antiquing I kept my eyes peeled for a set of my own.  This was back in the days before you could find anything you wanted on the internet. One day I finally found them! They were worn and loved, but so was my Grandma’s set. It looks like they were super glued back together in at least a couple places- just like hers.  It is truly my favorite decoration that I have for my home.  Each year when I take it out of it’s box I remember my Grandma, the family Christmas we would celebrate at her home, and a time when I was just a kid that loved Christmas.


Tree number two for our house is a real tree that we cut from our land.  All of the trees on our land were originally planted by my dad.  Most are too big to be Christmas trees, but the past two years we’ve found a small one hiding between the others. This is also where I get to hang my glass ornaments and tell the kids to keep away! There is absolutely no comparison between hanging ornaments on an artificial tree versus a real tree.  The gaps and holes that each branch creates let the ornament be the star of the show.  And instead of a traditional tree skirt I wrap this tree with a vintage quilt.

Another place I love to leave a holiday quilt is draped over my old church pew in the entryway.


I had high hopes of getting my new wood and metal “peace” sign hung above the pew in place of my Paris picture, but Jace is still working on that one.  I figure if we miss the holiday season I’ll still hang it for awhile because I’m always looking for peace at home.  Maybe I can just point to the sign the next time the kids are picking on each other!

And finally I leave you with a picture of a wool table runner that I cherish.  It is simply red and white wool that spells out Merry Christmas, but sometimes that’s the only message you need!