About Me

Hi, welcome to my blog. I have been crafting and sewing with fabric since I was 10 and my mom started Bay Window Quilt Shop in Perham, MN.  Over 25 years later, I am still an avid sewer and enjoy creating my own designs which are featured in our shop. Katie Hennagir Designs is my line of originally designed quilt patterns that you can find in stores nationwide or head on over to BayWindowQuiltShop.com to view the entire line.

I am also a fabric designer for Andover Fabrics and enjoy creating unique prints for modern kids! My inspiration is pictured below- my kids Jack, Isabelle, & Lola! You can also download the free patterns that I designed for my fabric lines here on my blog.

Bay Window Quilt Shop is my home away from home. We specialize in offering fun, unique fabrics in an inspiring setting. This blog is a continuation of our shop & my designs. Here, I can be as creative as I like and share it with all of you!  Happy Quilting~ Katie

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This will be so much to read your blog. Looking forward to each new entry. I just love the Bay Window Quilt shop and wish I could get there on a regular basis. Hopefully I will get to the spring luncheon this year because I missed last year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

  2. I agree…the cutest little elephant I’ve seen! AND the most wonderful quilt shop between northwestern Minnesota and way-south Texas! I sure miss you guys all winter long, but I’m glad that I can get my “Great quilt shop fix” looking at your web page, and NOW I’ll check your BLOG, too! Keep up the wonderful work! I can’t wait for the early June bus tour in 2009!

  3. Hello fellow daughter-of-a-quilt-shop-owner AND mom to a cute baby boy 😉 I think of you often as I too, am constantly searching for a balance between work & motherhood! Hope to see you a few times this year…

  4. Hi Katie,
    I just now found your blog. What a great idea, and a great way to help me keep more in touch with Bay Window Quilt Shop. Jack is adorable. Hi to everyone, staff and customers alike. Stay warm — we are looking forward to spring here soon in Kansas!

  5. HI, Katie, we just spent a week up in Perham, and came into your store just about every day. Ever since I met my hubby and we come up north, which has been 6 years now, we always come to the bay window quilt shop! We love it. ITs so cozy and warm inside, and it feels so relaxing being in there. We spend a good 2 hours wondering, we love it!!! The staff are great. I think your blog is great. good way for me to keep updated on the goings of the quilt shop, when i’m home in the twin cities. Jack is adorable, I think i saw him a couple of times in the store!
    Looking forward to visiting again next year!

  6. Hi Katie:
    I have just returned to our country home in Southwest Iowa from our annual vacation at Star Lake, Minnesota. I visited your shop and was so impressed by all of the beautiful and unique fabric’s and the many kits. Very nice store, and helpful staff. Wishing you and your mom many more years of success. I will be sure and stop in summer of 2010 when we return to the lake. And maybe I will even shop online! Happy August!

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